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Art Resource Traders, (ART), is a small company operated by a US veteran, who applies his specific artistic preferences in the images chosen to display and sell.
Lets face it, most of us can not afford world class original art works!
Our images are a combination of photo, acrylic painted and illustrated art originals, which have been completely reproduced by our expert artists for resale.
The images can be purchased at a fraction of the actual and original market value, thousands of dollars less on many images.
In some cases we have taken popular images, of the prominent works from very famous artists and reproduced the images by a complete repaint and digital imaging for printed sales.
The finished reproduction can occupy a prominent place in your home or office and be greatly appreciated everyday for its perfect colors and image clarity.
ART is also a sponsored affiliate of Fine Art America, as our global partner, for fulfillment, the back room services with image transfer, lamination and framing.
Our combined alliance gives us the ability to service large interior design projects, individual clients and groups with our special choice of new fresh and compelling images.
It is our goal to provide our customers with a simple and enjoyable way to view one of the best collections of professional photographs, reproduced art prints of painted images at incredible sub-market pricing.
Our services include acrylic on canvas and other substrates. Choose from a huge range of unique display tools making it easy to find the ideal image for your special projects at very at a price you or your customer can afford. Special pricing is always available to our commercial customers... Most of our images are displayed in a specific range of sizes relevant to their pixel per inch count, for crisp and sharp color presentations every time.


Treats by DT


Fall by DT


Art Study 8 by DT


Sunrise by DT


Abstract Back Ground 6 by DT


Another World 3 by DT


Art Palette 10 by DT


Baby It's Cold Outside by DT


Urban Art 17 by DT


Urban Art 15 by DT


At Home 4 by DT


At Home 2 by DT


Urban Wall Art 10 by DT


Urban Wall Art 7 by DT


Urban Wall Art 5 by DT


Urban Wall Art 4 by DT


Urban Wall Art 3 by DT


Urban Wall Art 2 by DT


Urban Wall Art 1 by DT


Water Abstract by DT


Spirit by DT


Shell Ahoy by DT


Life is everywhere by DT


End of the day by DT


Nortical Back Drop by DT


Abstract Back Ground 4 by DT


Nature Art Study 18 by DT


Natural Art Study 16 by DT


Mullisks by DT


Nature Art Study 14 by DT


Nature Art Study 12 by DT


Nature Art Study 14 by DT


Natural Growth by DT


Smiling by DT


Young Logger head by DT


Sky Fall by DT


Formalized Stone Wall by DT


Retired Now by DT


Natures Beauty 9 by DT


Sunrise on Mars by DT


My Garden 2 by DT


Paradise 7 by DT


Paradise 5 by DT


Paradise 4 by DT


Paradise 3 by DT


My Garden by DT


Paradise 2 by DT


Paradise 1 by DT